Chalet Elegance

The Great Bear Chalet thanks the talented folks @ Kootenay Forge for their 'art'.

The Great Bear Chalet thanks the talented folks @ Kootenay Forge for their 'art'.

"Live the way Nature intended." 

Great Bear Chalet, British ColumbiaWe invite you to come and enjoy an all-inclusive stay at our wilderness retreat. Awaken to a chorus of birdsong, absorb the radiance of the morning sun, immerse yourself in the ceaseless song of the river, while you sip on your Oso Negro espresso. Relax on the deck, and experience grizzly bear viewing at its finest, as Mother and cubs graze on wild greens ten feet below you. Savour our home-made almond flour, "bear smart" blueberry pancake breakfast with Canadian maple syrup, before accompanying your hosts for ‘walks of reverence’ along the trails of this grizzly kingdom. You will find no manicured lawn here, no hanging flower baskets, no 'park-like' surroundings. What you will find is yourself, at home, in a wilderness that still retains Nature's integrity, and the perfect chaos, or authenticity she has always had. 

Wildlife viewing, hiking, birding, photography, fly-fishing, holding your 'Eagle pose' while listening to the call of the "real deal" perched above you, sitting in the sun with a good book, or snowshoeing up in the Rainbow Mountains, whatever your passion, live your days as you wish. Every day at the Chalet  is an adventure, one you will always remember. We don't sell rooms, meals and 'bear tours'. The Great Bear Chalet offers life changing experiences - a place to forge extraordinary memories to empower your story.  "We don't 'tour' it, we live in it."

Guests and visitors to the Bella Coola Valley are invited to 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side' . Join us for our half, or full day, 'Guided Bear-Watching & Wildlife Viewing' - interpretive adventure along the ancient trails of this grizzly kingdom. 

Please visit our 'great bear adventures' page for more information about the adventure that awaits you here.

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