Extraordinary memories to empower your story...

Stay with us and enjoy a personalized, all-inclusive wilderness adventure - celebrate the reign of the grizzly bear as monarch over our valley home. Our 'Guided Bear-Watching & Wildlife Viewing', is the ultimate bear experience. Guests and Valley visitors are invited to 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side' - join us for our half, or full day, interpretive hikes along the ancient trails of this grizzly kingdom. Also affectionately known as our "walks of reverence", this is not your ordinary 'nature walk', or 'bear tour'.  

Experience the awe and humility of true coexistence - become a part of, and marvel at the wonders found amidst some of the most spectacular grizzly bear and wild Pacific salmon habitat that remains on earth. 

Make our ecologically responsible Chalet your wilderness retreat. Live in 'green' luxury along the banks of the Atnarko River, in the heart of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, with the vividly coloured Rainbow Mountain range to the east and the jagged, glaciated peaks of the Coastal Mountains to the west. Come and live the way Nature intended; revel in the bounty and splendour of the Bella Coola Valley - gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest. Thrive in this living Eden - forge extraordinary memories to empower your story. Come and re-wild your Spirit in this grizzly kingdom.

"We don't 'tour' it, we live in it!"